Breitband-Denken vs.Entscheidungen/Regelwahn:

October 13, 2009

sei solidarischLife is not something ┬álike ‘yes’ or ‘no’,
nor like ‘good’ or ‘bad’
democratic development is LIKE LIFE.

It varies within bandwidth of feelings and thoughts and solutions. Just remember your last frustration, about your job, your company, your family: didnt you feel really bad, thinking like

“why that? Couldnt it have been a bit different?”

This “bit different” means that a better solution (for you) would not have been necessarily a worse solution for the others who were involved. Another time it may have been the same thing, the other way around, better for them and not even worse for you.

That means the solution is NOT the question of a “better compromise” or a “better decision” or a “better decisionfinding” (i.e. different ritualizations, different ways of how-to)
looking at a bandWIDTH of daily development and daily things-to-do, instead of more decisionmaking and rulemaking.


Keywords to get an impression WHAT and HOW can be done — to get along better — are, for example:

fix vs. variable
(example: having a fixed portion of income like a basic income, see and a variable one, like money from a job)
long-term vs. short-term
(example: using natural gas for a few decades for local purposes — as it could emerge into the air by natural desasters, as well — and oil for e.g. plastic boats and cars instead of one-way-bottles is ok, see; BUT it is a desaster to build pipeline after pipeline for burning oil and gas in heaters and to dig for oil and gas in the Arctic)
make USE of nature vs. “design” nature
(example: djungle plus greenhouse agriculture and wind/water/solar energy is ok, see, but genetic technologies in “free air” monocultures for food and combustion technology to transport it then, as a daily “normal” thing, is a disaster)


more about the bandwidth of life (compare to ‘fuzzy logic’ as it is used in simple washing machines) — esp. in the context of democratic development — soon here

and/or see

(working on MONEtary DEMocratic development because monetary aspects are as well aspects of our lives)